About Us || The Story Behind FreeHouse Drinks

 “The idea from the pandemic” 

Founded by three lifelong friends in 2020, the company Freehouse Drinks was established in the small countryside village of Brockenhurst, situated in the heart of the New Forest National Park, UK. 

As 3 friends we have always had a great passion for all things home brew. Beer? Cider? Wine? you name it we’ve made it! We wanted to share the experience with others so they too can indulge in the art and satisfactions of home brewing.

Our objective is to bring the brewery to your home! Allowing our customers to kick back and relax over one of their very own tailored brews.

During the 1st Covid 19 lockdown with pubs closed, we held competitions with each other, making and experimenting with different flavoured fruit wines and different beers. As fun as this was there was a lot of waiting around to taste the final product. That's when we started experimenting with Gins; we perfected the method so we could each make Gin in 24 hours. 

We would each make a batch of Gin and try each other's recipes (a lot of Gin was consumed!)

Upon telling our friends, they loved the idea and the simplicity of how we had made it so simple and hassle free. Enabling them to create their own unique craft Gin; that's when we decided to create Freehouse Drinks so other people could experience the satisfaction and joy of making their own Gin as we did. 

Fast forward to the present day and we have what we feel is the most complete and comprehensive gin making kit on the market. Everything you need to start your Gin making journey is provided (just add a neutral alcohol- Vodka) 


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